Sketchwar Schedules

Just a quick heads up to everyone to take a look at the main menu when you get a chance. There’s a new entry for ‘Schedule’. That’s where you’ll find our warriors’ posting schedules, the schedule of upcoming topics, and have the opportunity to suggest sketch prompts for us.

If there’s something you think is a great idea for a sketch, head on over and let us know. If you think it’s a *really* great idea, maybe you should wricherown and compete, eh?

That is all.

New Home for Sketch War

We’ve moved once again. Our new, and permanent home, is It’s not pretty right now – just an out of the box WordPress site – but it’ll get better over the next month or so. Thanks to everyone who’s been coming here. We hope you come on over to the new home!

Welcome to Sketch War

About a year ago, Michael posted a sketch on his blog one Friday night. Being hyper-competitive, I banged a sketch out after work and posted it by midnight, throwing down a virtual gauntlet. Every Friday hence, we wrote sketches – first on whatever we wanted, and later on pre-selected topics – and posted them to our blogs.

This past December, we decided it was time to consolidate all our sketches in one place and created this blog. We’d been joined over the year by several other comedy writers and wanted a showcase. But the problem with the new blog is that we’d post between two and five sketches all on Friday and nothing else the other six days of the week. Not great for providing entertaining content to attract and keep visitors.

With the new influx of visitors coming thanks to Chuck’s Blog Mob project, we decided it was time to make some changes.

For the next two weeks, we’ll be spreading out our sketch entries. Long-time readers already know that last Friday was the first time we didn’t post sketches. We wanted to hold them for this week. Meanwhile, we’ll be slowly adding new content. Things like critiques on each others’ sketches, reviews of live sketch performances, analysis of sketches from SNL and the like, short scenes from works in progress, and posts on the art and technique of sketch writing. Once we’ve gotten the flow of secondary content high enough, we’ll go back to Friday battles.

We’re also counting on all of you to tell us what you want to see more of. If we should focus on critiques and analysis or posting other short scenes, or posts on how to write sketches. So let us know in comments.

But for now, please take a look through our archives and keep coming back every weekday for new sketches.

Strange things are afoot at Sketch War…

We’re going to be making a few changes and tweaks around here over the next few weeks, and because of that we’re holding off on posting our sketches until Monday. I know, it seems to defeat the whole purpose of a “Friday Sketch War” to not post on Friday, but that’s part of the tweaking.

Come back Monday morning first thing for more details about the changes.

In the meantime, here’s something to tide you over, know what I mean?


There’s video below, FeedReader.

365 Sketches in 365 Days

Howdy Fellow Warriors, Michael here.

Long time no sketch. From me, at least. I’m hoping to change that this week.

But before I return to crush all of you into a fine sketcherific powder I wanted to point out an impressive undertaking by a fellow sketch writer.

Sketch Field Marshall Joe Janes has challenged himself to write a sketch a day for the next year. Joe’s a teacher at Second City and Columbia College here in Chicago, as well as a performer and all around swell guy. Just reading his pieces will be like getting a free class in the art of writing sketch comedy. I know I’ll be tuning in every day.

Sketch War Recap

Richard’s got the final numbers on today’s sketch war. It might not have been WW III, but we gave ’em hell.

For those of you standing on the sidelines, shaking in your boots; tuck in your skirts and get in the fight.

For those of you who battled, bled and lived to tell the tale, I tip my hat to you and say “Nice work. You are worthy adversaries whom I look forward to disemboweling next week.”

Joining Sketch War

Ai-ight. Looks like Michael and I are definitely going to do battle on Fridays. We’ve reached out to a few other writers and have gotten a smattering of interest back, so I suspect we’ll see one or two others joining us this week, and maybe a few more after that. My hope is that we can get five to ten sketches each week, but that might be overly optimistic.

Regardless, anyone who *does* want to play along, email a link to your sketch to sketchwar at dreamloom dot com. Michael and/or I will put up links to all the entries each week.