Hippy in the 25th Century

This isn’t much and really pales in comparison to the link I posted earlier today. I was firing on all cylinders in that sketch whereas this one…

This has one little visual joke and is a vaguely cute-ish idea. That’s it. Oh well. Better luck *next* time.

The camera pans over the capsule, showing the hundreds of switches, gauges, and lights of the craft. Crammed in a back corner we see BILL ROGERS, early 20s and dressed like a NASA technician but with the top of a tie dyed shirt showing under his jumper, holding a bong with “RANGER 3” painted on its bowl in neon strokes. Rogers exhales a cloud of smoke. The capsule begins to shake and a roar is heard.
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RA’s Hippie Apology

Uh, I’ve been spinning my wheels all week and not very productive outside work. At work? Gang busters. Out in the world, where I actually give a shit about stuff? Not so much.

I still hope to write a sketch for this week but in the meantime how about taking a trip in the wayback machine to March of 2008 when I last tackled hippies. (It took three showers to wash their funk off after tackling them, too.)

So until later (or not,) I give you…Fight the Patriarchy.

Hippie Diplomacy

Late again this week. Bummer. Here’s to the hippies! May they save us from nuclear annihilation.



Psychedelic SITAR MUSIC plays in the background as RAIN RIVER SUNSHINE-GRASS, a hippie dressed in traditional hippie garb (tie dye shirt, beads, fringe vest, Birkenstocks, long hair and beard, etc.) sits with KIM JONG IL and his INTERPRETER on the couch.

Surrounding them are about twenty PEOPLE engaged in bacchanalia. Some are getting down with orgies, others are circle-toking or dropping acid, while others are dancing with themselves lost in a euphoric state.
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