Mad Scientists

This. Is. Not. Funny. It’s got one good joke and maybe three half-way decent jokes in it. I quite like the one good joke but that’s not enough. Sorry. Next week…next week will be a much better sketch. This I swear.

The Normandy landing, tanks on the march, and the firebombing of Dresden.

On May second 1945, a team of German scientists led by Hans Kohl surrendered to American forces hours ahead of the advancing Russian army. Fearing the treatment he and his fellow weapons designers would receive under Stalin, Kohl safely evacuated his team to the open arms of the United States.
All but one of them.
Franz Kohl, the brilliant but mercurial twin of the more famous Hans, was out getting cigarettes when the Soviet Army overran Nordhausen. For the next forty years, the brothers Kohl waged a private and escalating conflict against the backdrop of the cold war. For you see, it was Hans who had sent his brother out to the store.

Title: Very Mad Scientists
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