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  • We Strike at Dawn!

    Is your sketch ready? You know you’ve been checking out Friday Sketch War the last couple of weeks thinking “I could do that. Hell, I could do better than that.” Well, put your pencil where your mouth is and fire off a sketch. Post a link and join the melee. You can find more information […]

  • Glengarry Red Cross

    (The waiting room at a blood drive. NURSE BLAKE (Alec Baldwin) and NURSE WILLIAMSON (Kevin Spacey) stand in their scrubs before LEVENE (Jack Lemmon), MOSS (Ed Harris), and AARONOW (Alan Arkin), who are sitting at tables and filling out forms to give blood.) BLAKEAre they all here? WILLIAMSONAll but one. BLAKEWell, I’m going anyway.(to the […]

  • FNSW: The Certificant

    (Scott Johnson sits at his desk. Ivo Princip enters the office, wearing a suit and carrying his resume. He crosses, shakes Scott’s hand, and sits opposite.) SCOTTNice to meet you, Mr. Princip. I’m Scott. May I call you Ivo? IVONo. SCOTTO–kay…why don’t you tell me a little about yourself. IVODid you not read my resume? […]

  • Friday Sketch War

    If you’d like to get in on the fun, simply write a sketch and post a link to it. If you’d like to check out some of the battles that have already transpired you can go here. If you’d like to see a funny video about a guy flipping off a phone you can go […]

  • The Psychiatrist Sketch

    PSYCHIATRISTYour wife maintains that you don’t show her enough affection. PATIENTI show my wife a lot of aggression. PSYCHIATRIST“Affection.” PATIENTYes. PSYCHIATRISTYou said “aggression.” PATIENTNo, I said affection. PSYCHIATRISTIt’s very interesting to me that you confused those two words. PATIENTWhatever I said, I meant “aggression.” PSYCHIATRISTAggression? PATIENTNo, aggression. You’re browbeating me. PSYCHIATRISTNot at all. I think […]

  • FNSW: 62nd Annual Moriarty Awards

    (Dancers finish up what must have been a large and elaborate number as lights dim, music stops, and applause is heard. A curtain closes and Billy Crystal walks to the center of the stage.) BILLYWasn’t that great? I’ve been informed that no animals were killed during the performance of that dance, but two senator’s daughters […]

  • Friday Sketch War

    I wrote a sketch and posted it. Richard did the same and challenged me to a Sketch War. This will, hopefully, be an ongoing exercise, which you are free to join us in. Simply write a sketch and post it on your blog every Friday. Be sure to let me or Richard know about it […]

  • Friday Night Sketch War

    Fellow Sitcom Room alum and all around great guy Michael Brownlee posted a hilarious short sketch tonight. He’s challenging himself to be more disciplined about writing, and figured writing an occasional short sketch will keep his comedy muscles limber. I agree. As I’ve been extremely lax writing lately, I thought I’d take the opportunity to […]

  • Friday Funnys: Sketch Edition

    I’ve been trying to exhibit a little more discipline with my writing. So, to keep the muscles churning and to take a break between more serious projects, I try to write a sketch or two. Here’s an example. Bad Credit Baby (Tom and Debbie enter their house. Immediately Dan and Dawn and Ben and Betty […]

  • New TV Show

    I know that as soon as the writer’s strike ends producers are going to be trying to fill their schedules with the next Grey’s Anatomy or BJ and the Bear. I’d like to offer my services to them by sharing this preview of a new medical drama I’m writing. I think it has a lot […]